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The Purrfect Place Cat Bungalows


Located in the stunning foothills of the Mount Lofty Ranges, your furry family member will get the best of care while you are away. 

Blackwood Vets


The amazing staff at the Blackwood Vets are dedicated to your pets health and welfare. We are proud to be able to have them as our number one Vet.



Vicki and Glenn have all your grain, fodder, pet, garden and rural needs. The are amazing supporters of our cause and have gone above and beyond for us.

Ivory Coat Australia


Ivory Coat is a premium pet food that contains no grains or fillers, only natural ingredients. Made here in Australia, supporting Australians.

Victor Central Veterinary Clinic


The wonderful team at the VCVC and associated clinic Riverport in Goolwa are very supportive of our rescue group, incredibly professional and caring.



Carin at SoxNDogz is dedicated to creating the best quality pet products for your furbaby. She has been a supporter of us since day one and us of her.